Web Development in North Wales

So what is Web Development?

Many websites are known as ‘brochure’ sites because they act as a set of fixed pages. The content doesn’t change much over time, except perhaps any latest news for the business may get added or changed on the front page. These changes are usually done manually by the web designer on request.

web development north wales

Web Development

As long as you don’t need any dynamic web development, a brochure site like this can be created by any web designer, as long as they have the content that is supposed to go on each page of your website.


But more and more sites are becoming ‘dynamic’. The contents change on one or more pages regularly. A good example is a shopping site, like Amazon. The people who look after the products that show on the page add or change the details about a product in a simple way. Then these details and images get displayed in a standard format to you, the site user.

This makes everyone’s life much easier. Your products are displayed in a standard way, whether it’s just for one product or for tens of thousands of products. The administrators just fill out a form, or better yet, get the product suppliers to fill out a form with all the product details. Your site visitor knows where to look on each page for the price, reviews, and so on, as the information will always be in the same place.

Web Designers

Getting the products, (or cars, or houses, whatever your site is about) to display in this fashion is called web development, and is the job of the web developer. Someone who can program the code that sits “behind” your page, and gets the right details sent to the web page. Web developers are a different animal to web designers altogether. To a web developer, things like colour, design and layout are irrelevant. He lives in a world of colourless virtual world of databases, searches, and “if this, then do that”.

We have a couple of these creatures, quite tame, tucked away in a dark room. They can translate your need, whatever it is, into programming code and make your web site function the way that you want it to.

So if you have a need for such specialised functionality, we can get it done. Contact us for details.

(We can also guarantee that no web developers will be harmed in the building of your site.)