Web Hosting

Isn't Web Hosting something that I can get anywhere?

Yes, it is. But as usual, you only get the web hosting service that you pay for.

web hosting in north wales

Quite independently of our design and development services, we are able to supply you with standalone web hosting if you need it. We have our own dedicated secure and managed Amazon and Google Cloud servers.

We prefer to host our clients’ websites ourselves, for the rather simple reason that we can then control every aspect of the website speed and the server performance.

If we build your site, and you need hosting, then you should know that we not only provide our top class support as standard, but we also provide your first years hosting, including email handling, absolutely free of charge.

But for straight web hosting, our standard price for no-frills, “all-you-can-eat” fully supported hosting with 10Gb mail boxes is only £4.95 per month.

Contact us for more details, or to have us set up your hosting space right now.